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workshop2015  Workshop followed by investors, entrepreneurs and related institutions / agencies in Pekalongan City is opened by the Acting Mayor of Pekalongan City...
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pemberitahuanAnnounced to all license applicants in BPMP2T of Pekalongan City that started on July 2015 the number of Sms Gateway is changed from 085600600090 to...
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ipptAnnouncement : Start from April 1st, 2015, BPMP2T serves License of Land Use Change (IPPT). Where IPPT was served in Land Office before. For the...

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Investment Board and the Integrated Licensing Services Agency (BPMP2T) Pekalongan City

  • Address : Jl. Majapahit No. 1 Pekalongan
  • Phone. : (0285) 432086, 7925600
  • Fax. : (0285) 420428
  • e-mail : oss(at)pekalongankota.go.id


Mind your own business license in BPMP2T Pekalongan city.

Find information about Pekalongan City in the Government of Pekalongan City's official website.

Follow BPMP2T Talk Show on the RKB radio every Friday third week 08.00 pm

For the license applicant, get the information servise for free by typing your handphone number on your license from through the Short Message (sms) Gateway. The SMS Gateway Number is 08156900678


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