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Official Site of the Investment Board and Integrated Licensing Services Pekalongan

Licensing Type Serviced

SIUP, TDP, IUI, TDI, TDG, IUTM, IMB, Reklame, SLHS, SPIRT, STT, SPKP, Izin Angkutan, Izin Trayek, dll

We provide services

Investment Information, Licensing Investment, Non Licensing Investment

Investing in Pekalongan

The city of Trade and Services

Complete your business

with business licenses in accordance with applicable legislation

Do it yourself

Don't use brokers for registering your licence on BPMP2T Pekalongan City

Talk Show

Listen BPMP2T's talk show on RKB radio every Friday third week at 08.00 AM

SMS Gateway

Get free information by writing your Handphone number on licence form through SMS Gateway
ISO 9001-2008

ISO 9001-2008

BPMP2T have implemented Quality Management Standards ISO 9001-2008 issued by Sai Global


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Latest News

Procedure Operating Standard (POS) of Service Page 1

11 July 2011
Procedure Operating Standard (POS) of Service Page 1

Procedure Operating Standard (POS) of Service Download POS of Licensing Service See also : POS of Service page 2 POS of Service page 3

Kunjungan BPPT Kabupaten Kuningan

05 May 2012
Kunjungan BPPT Kabupaten Kuningan

Pada hari Kamis dan Jumat, tanggal 3-4 Mei 2012 Badan Pelayanan Perizinan Terpadu (BPPT) Kabupaten Kuningan Provinsi Jawa Barat, melakukan kunjungan kerja ke BPMP2T Kota Pekalongan yang dipimpin langsung oleh...

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Government of Pekalongan City
Investment Board and Integrated License Services (DPMPTSP)

Address : Jl. Majapahit No. 1 Pekalongan

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